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About Tyvon

Tyvon Foster, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice. As a therapist, Tyvon has one goal in mind: to help you take action and create the change you desire in life. Tyvon achieves this by employing knowledge and techniques based on various disciplines. They include evidence based cognitive behavioral therapies, Western and Eastern spiritual concepts, mindfulness practices, metaphors, and parables. Tyvon's belief is that the root of all successful outcomes in therapy comes from establishing a genuine, authentic, trusting, and collaborative relationship. It is his understanding that therapy cannot be successful without these ingredients.

Tyvon earned his Masters degree in Social Work at Adelphi University. He went on to receive specialized training in Anger Management, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. In his spare time, Tyvon enjoys connecting with loved ones, movies (mainly action and comedy), outdoors, etc. He enjoys the service he provides.

Professional photo of Tyvon Foster, LCSW

Client Focus

Tyvon Foster, LCSW has years of experience in treating clients with Depression, Anger Management, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Grief & Bereavement. Throughout the years, Tyvon has noticed that most of his clients tend to have the following themes at the root of the issue. As a result, these themes came to represent his clinical expertise. The descriptions in each theme does not necessarily describe a client in full, rather, it details different experiences that clients would have. If you find that one of these resonates with you, contact Tyvon to see how he can assist you to building the life you desire.

Self-Esteem Issues

Sad African American man suffering from bullying or racial discrimination, sitting alone i

Here, this person usually has trouble seeing their worth. They are not sure how or why they matter, or they believe they don't matter at all. Individuality tends to be based solely on the approval of others, forgoing authentic values and needs completely. Then, when they don't receive this validation, they feel a sense of worthlessness. Even when this person has success in multiple domains (family, relationships, career, and financial), they still believe they are not good enough, inadequate, and/or they are unworthy of love. A history of abandonment or abuse also leads this person to believe they are unworthy. Paradoxically, this person may also deeply desire to be loved. For this reason, they find themselves staying in relationships (all types) that do not serve them, sometimes becoming codependent. It's common for this person to believe that things go wrong because it's them. In their mind, good things aren't meant for them neither do they feel deserving. Confidence is also often nonexistent, and so this person overthinks, withdraws, or overcompensates as a way to avoid failure. To them, failure is a testament of their worth.

This issue usually manifests as Depression and/or uncontrollable Anger.

Existential Issues

This person experiences uncertainty or otherwise complete doubt about who they are, the future, and what makes their life meaningful. There is a constant struggle in finding work that is a better fit with their values; which usually involves not knowing where or how to begin searching, and what is the right question to ask. As a result, they feel stuck and hopeless. Perhaps they are lacking structure and routine, and are unsure how to establish one that is reliable. There is difficulty with finding fulfillment in their life; appearing as though all of the ingredients needed are out of reach. Without appropriate direction, they often feel high levels of anxiety about the future. They may have lost someone or something significantly meaningful. This in turn, leads this person to feel that there is no purpose in their life. Since what was lost is what gave life meaning, they believe that there isn't anything else that would suffice.

This issue usually manifests as Depression, Anger, Anxiety, or Grief & Bereavement.

Confidence Issues

This person struggles with knowing what they are capable of. At one time, they may have felt that they're on top. That is until experiencing a loss of a job or breakdown in a relationship that left them reevaluating themselves. Or perhaps it was due to not having certain experiences that helped them see their capabilities. In many cases, this person was never encouraged to achieve or excel. Here, this person has an idea of what kind of person they want to be, relationships they want to have, and life they want to live. However, there are usually three barriers to reaching their goal. The first is that they do not know the steps to achieve their goal. The second is that they have trouble trusting themselves to do so consistently when they do know. The third is they avoid pursuing success (in multiple areas) because they don't  believe they have the intelligence and competence needed. Since this is their usual lived experience, this person is sometimes angry and highly critical of themselves for not meeting their own expectations.

This issue usually manifests as Anger, Anxiety, or Social Anxiety.

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